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Moscow - Scene 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
Moscow - Scene 2
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General Pyotr Chernov, a brunet with a stumpy cock and rock-solid body, sends Boris to fetch Slava. We find that Pyotr has a thing for Slava, jacking off to pictures of him, cumming just as Boris and Slava enter the room. Pyotr is still very hard, so he has Boris place Slava on the table and they both have their way with him. Boris is told to eat Slava's ass, with a huge tongue motion as his own curving cock gets harder. Pyotr, then tells Boris to fuck Slava, There is a round of cumming with Pyotr landing one of Slava's already perfect face. Pyotr takes Boris and Slava over to a fireplace and starts licking their asses. Pyotr manages to lick a load right out of Slava, and then gets a literal matching one from Boris before turning in the triplet himself. Slava is asked to blow Boris, and Pyotr slithers behind for his chance to fuck. Pyotr is flawless, fucking with his waist and oozing pleasure from the rest of him. Slava eventually has a load that seems to last minutes, which makes Pyotr fuck even harder until releasing a rivulet of his own down Slava's ass. Boris manages an even greater one, traveling all the way over Slava to Pyotr. Slava is then dumped onto a snowy road, and thrown an address by his captors.

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28 Jul 2017

This is truly one of the Kristen Bjorn Masterpieces.Sadly, Slava was not allowed to have his "Twelve minute Wank"....
Chastity Devices, as Connoisseurs know, just get the urgent semen boiling... By the way, where was this one procured ?.It is quite an erotic "accessory".....It should be in any Boys Toys Collection !

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