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Ipod Touch Access - IDid something Change?
25/02/11 01:00:47

Hi - just wondered if there has been any recent changes to the accessibility of videos on Ipod touch/phone, etc.

When I purchase my subscription in December, I had no issues viewing most of the videos i click on, however recently (about a month or so ago), i keep getting a message every time i try to watch a full video on my ipod that says:

"Download Failed.  Safari cannot download this file. "

The odd thing is that I don't have any issue viewing preview clips at all - just full videos (and yes, I have made sure i have logged in to the site).

Anyhow - would appreciate some help if you can, otherwise i'll need to cancel (which i'd rather not)

Thanks - Blazer


Nombre: Blazer37
Respuesta num: 1
26/02/11 07:38:42

Yes, I'm very sorry about that. There is some sort of compression problem with the ipod / iphone formatted full length videos, which was just recently brought to our attention. The webmaster and programmer are working on a solution now. We rely on our members to let us know when something isn't working right, and we appreciate your input.

This iphone technology is all very new, and no one has much experience with it. Unfortunately as we update the site, small errors in programming can cause failures like this one. But, like all others, it will be corrected.

Nombre: Kristen
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28/02/11 01:26:47

Hi Everyone,

According to the webmaster, the iphone / ipod problem has been fixed. You should now once again be able to view all full length features in the member's area via iphone / ipod.

Please let me know if you experience any further problems.

Nombre: Kristen
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09/07/11 10:59:35

Can't get videos to play on my iPad. Am I doing something wrong? It just says that I don't have the right Flsah player and, of course, I don't have any Flash player at all.

Nombre: primecook