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Sound Track - Music Score
09/09/13 10:07:12

Is there a way to buy the sound track or just the Music of Matt Lock and Francois Girard?  It is great to play when making love.

Nom: Joe M
Réponse num: 1
11/09/13 13:57:50

Years ago, we did offer several CDs with specially edited soundtracks by Francois Girard. However, they sold very poorly, and we eventually stopped manufacturing and selling them. So, I'm sorry to say that it isn't possible to purchase those sound tracks anymore.

But I'm glad to hear that someone still appreciates our composer's art. These days I mostly receive complaints from customers who don't want music at all on the films.

A few years ago, we started making DVDs and VOD downloads that allow viewers to watch the films with or without music.

Nom: Kristen