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weighted leather cock rings
23/10/15 04:13:22

These "must-have" items for the male underwear drawer are rare to find, but I personally know  that they provide one with a very  spectacular bulge; particularly if one is blessed with being "Big- Built". The strap looks  better if the skin around it  is shaved smooth. Above all, they look very smart, if that is all that you are wearing.... It would be good seeing your models parading around, modelling in various close-up angles, as one tends to get permanent erections when wearing this accessory... they also give another dimension to Ejaculation, which tends to be most  intense, when a dildo is also in the final  mix ! Both would look excellent on camera.... Go on Kristen, give The Guys all a treat, and maximise "Their Potential " ! They have  "got what it takes", already, if they perform on a Kristen Bjorn Production but I must genuinely say , they will all find that the weighted leather cock ring  experience is a "Show stopper". Carlos Caballero would know that !

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
23/10/15 07:29:54

Some of the guys do use regular cock rings, But I think that a weighted cock ring takes some getting used to, doesn't it? My concern is that that unacustomed actors may find them uncomfortable after a while. A video shoot takes a lot longer than the average fuck.

Carlos does know about this. When he was still an actor, he wore a heavy cock ring in a scene (Fire Dance). Towards the end of the shoot, he found it painful. But since we were filming out of sequence, he wasn't able to take it off until we were finished.

I will ask the actors if they are into that.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
23/10/15 12:18:26

Since my submission, I looked at your approach to filming in "Wet Dreams", and all the care and attention that is taken to detail of Finesse, and The Guys` Mind Set ; I must congratulate you about all that you do, in the name of Sensitivity, so that the KB Team can  achieve this obvious Perfection.. The cock ring that I favour, is rounded, so allows for a good deal of exciting , versatile  90 degree  movement throughout" The Average Fuck", that you , (tongue in cheek), can quite correctly, professionally, allude to. Coming down to practicalities, I sometimes use a thinner leather cock ring in addition, also, behind it which results in incredible thickness and pleasure at" the point of entry", whereupon nothing that is forthcoming, could be described as  average...  sometimes, The Earth moves..  and I am told that it is an incredible feeling.These straps that I use regularly, may not be as heavy or thick a combination, as the one chosen  by Carlos in "Fire Dance", which still happens to be one of my favourite KB  films after" Vampire in Budapest". I asked Calvin Mullins to tell him that I am a fan of his. I hope that what I write in The Forum, is in praise of the Male Pheromone  , which coupled with a leather cock ring, and a little bit of anal make up ,to accentuate "that Rose Bud," which always needs rimming, is what true, sensuous -scorching KB productions are all about. Having said all  this,are there now any adventurous  Recruits for the weighted leather cock ring

Name: andra