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Jakob Lee
12/03/18 04:14:06

Jakob Lee is a real cuitie! It's nice to see a man without tattoos... It's classic look, like they way men were back in the 1990's.

Nombre: Greg
Respuesta num: 1
12/03/18 13:54:56

Yep! I like Jakob Lee too ;)

Nombre: Alex
Respuesta num: 2
12/03/18 14:06:01

I've heard quite a few negative comments about the overabundance of tattooed models in porn lately.

Nombre: Kristen
Respuesta num: 3
12/03/18 14:07:12

However, tattoos are the current trend, and it has become increasingly more difficult to find models who are not tattoed. I would appreciate more feedback from members about this matter.

Nombre: Kristen