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Scene suggestion
01/04/23 10:02:33

Hi Kristen: how about a Venezuelan themed scene? You have two hot men that will make you proud. Lucio Saints and Louis Ricaute. I bet you could make it happen, thanks.

Nombre: Tommy
Respuesta num: 1
09/04/23 13:04:10

Thanks for your comment Tommy. We actually do work with many Venezuelan models. However, aside from some typical foods, I can't think of a Venezuelan theme for a scene. Any suggestions?

Nombre: Kristen
Respuesta num: 2
18/08/23 11:53:21

It would be hot for men from outside South America to go to Venezuela on vacation, on the prowl for sexy Venezuelan men. Their lives are forever changed in different ways. One of them he discovers he can no longer be satisfied unless he's getting DPed by the men of his fantasies. One of them discovers the most insatiable Venezuelan bottoms. One couple goes to a sex club to spice things up. One guy is on the search for a man who not only has a huge cock, but a top whose only focus is total sensuality and driving bottoms into a state of total anal bliss.

Nombre: JP