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22/04/10 04:39:24

hi Kristen

when can i purchase the dvd?it says coming soon

can`t wait

it looks hot

Name: max
Answer num: 1
23/04/10 00:41:38

Thanks Max! We are expecting to announce the official release of HORNS OF PLENTY 1&2 by April 30th.

This two-part film is are a couple of the hottest films I have ever made, even if I say so myself!

We will be releasing behind the scenes previews on the blog shortly to let you see some of the hot action... Keep an eye out for them!


Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
23/04/10 05:54:50

i can`t wait,please don`t make us wait longer for the dvds

your movies are the best and i own most of them.

Name: max
Answer num: 3
23/04/10 09:18:08

Thanks, Max. I'm sure that you will enjoy this new release!

Name: Kristen