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Ivan Andros

Ivan Andros

Nationality: Spain
Height: 5'9
Weight: 155lbs
Dick: 8 (20.32 cms) cut
Position: Versatile

Kristen says:
Ivan is a polite, rather shy math teacher form a small city in northern Spain. His trip to the location in the Caribbean was a really big one, since Ivan has traveled very little outside of his native Spain. He was always pleasant and charming, with a nonstop erection and an insatiable sexual appetite.

Film Credits
Bone Island
Crossroads Of Desire
Isle Of Men
A Sicilian Tale
Under The Big Top
Orgies 1
Chain Bangers
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Movie Gallery
» Movie Gallery: Bone Island, Ivan Andros, Juan Jimenez

» Movie Gallery: Bone Island, Ivan Andros, Juan Jimenez

» Movie Gallery: Crossroads Of Desire, Lucas Andrades, Eduardo Valenti & Ivan Andros

» Movie Gallery: Dreamers, Ivan Andros, Hugo Peligro & Marcos Allende

» Movie Gallery: Isle Of Men, Mark Anthony, Lucas Megalhaes, Ivan Andros

» Movie Gallery: A Sicilian Tale, Ivan Andros, Mario Perez, Milton Abdalla, Tiziano Cortese


Q. How many times did you fall in love along your life?
A. Twice.

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