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Out in Tuscany - Scene 1

Kristen Bjorn Play
Out in Tuscany - Scene 1
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The story starts off in picturesque Tuscany. Indescribably handsome Federico Bulsara trots off to the countryside, where he finds a stray picnic basket full of food and wine. Of course, he helps himself, but the owners of this food, hoe-in-hand farmers Sasha Byazrov and Erik Lenn, exact their revenge on Federico through sex. Erik is the first to suck on Federico's throbbing dick. Federico takes Sasha's dick for his own. With his attentions given to sucking Sasha, he still manages this very difficult upward thrusting hip motion to tease Erik. Federico cums, and Sasha and Erik take him over to a patio for more. They stand there while he alternates sucking them. and then both guys park cum-shots on his cheek. Then, Sasha finally gets to use his mouth on Federico as Erik eats on. Soon enough, Sasha bends over to get fucked by Erik. Wasting no time, Federico immediately throws a screw into Erik. Later, Erik pounds away at Sasha. Who manages to cum without even touching himself. Federico, sitting on a tractor finishes himself and then Erik steals the end of their work by popping out the best cum-shot of the trio.

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23 Jun 2017

Short Shorts could not be shorter than what Frederico is wearing, but, Oh my ! what fantastic long legs. by which the Male Sexual Temperature is raised in the Tuscan Town and countryside.. Clearly Sasha and Len, the farmers, do not think that "Two is company, three is a crowd". Quite obviously, Frederico spends two intensive days with them, These kind of men can go at it non-stop !

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Out In Tuscany

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