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Out in Tuscany - Scene 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
Out in Tuscany - Scene 2
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In a farmhouse nearby, four guys are upset over a sick horse. Pietro Cattani is the veterinarian and the other three are just plain lucky to be there at the right time. Two guys are slightly older, with graying hair and hairy bodies, Pietro Cattani and Antonio Armani. Number three is the very American looking Antal Gellen with blond short hair and a goatee. The fourth, is the unequaled Slava Petrovich, who has a very tender kissing session with Antonio. The pairs create a nice sense of opposites, which ultimately come together in a gay orgy. Slava has the first blowjob performed on him. It´s a humdinger of a long one, but his body and face are much more the focus. Slava splashes on his face after a good workout. Sucking Slava´s dick turns into Antonio eating his very full ripe grinding ass, The scene´s biggest cock belongs to Antal, and Pietro does a whiz-bang job of treating it kindly. When the four get together, Slava plays top, bounding into Antonio with the force of a hurricane. His dick slides into Antonio´s open ass with easy agility. The shot slowly pans out to catch Antal bottoming for Pietro. Slava rattles off a large dripping shot to get an even better one from Antonio. Then we see Antal rimming Slava, who is fucking Pietro, who is rimming Antonio. In the end, Antonio is the cum-rag for the other three, with Slava neatly parking one on his face, but Pietro getting in the last word with the biggest one.

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04 Oct 2017

This video is truly a masterpiece of Male Sensitivity from differing cultures, and, above all, genuine passion. The scenario, story line, and music were all particularly atmospheric. In the first instance, Slava knew just how to look ultra sexy in his neck tie and dungarees before they got promptly that fabulous his abs could be showcased to perfection, accordingly ; but it was Pietro, Antal and particularly Antonio ,that as maturer, distinguished-looking men, brought so much meaning to the action. They kissed so feelingly, and they were all truly mesmerizers in their togetherness.There was no holding back from These Four, who were not exactly slow in letting several loads of cum rip right through their bodies. No one could easily forget that wonderful look in Antonio Armani`s eyes on these special occasions, and I could not help but notice how he uses those remarkable hands, which no Lover of his, could ever forget !.

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Out In Tuscany

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