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Under the Big Top - Scene 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Under the Big Top - Scene 3
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Outside the tent, Ivan Andros approaches the shirtless Slava and professes his lust, and is pushed away. Ivan threatens to get even. Who shows up but Max Orloff, who confesses his love and the two go inside the tent. Max and Slava put on a show in the tent, kissing, licking and groping One thing about Max that hasn't changed, is his cock -- long, fat, straight, beautifully sculptured, eager for mouth and ass. Slava worships it on his knees as Max leans back against a pole, undulating, then bucking, then shooting a load on Slava's shoulder. Max drops to his knees and goes for Slava's pretty pecker,that Max uses to pivot his mouth and throat on. After Slava shoots his load, he turns around and offers his ass to Max, and a few minutes later, pulls out for a no-hands cum-shot over Slava's back. Slava cums and then drops down to worship Max's honker again. Slava then leans Max back on the table and throws his legs in the air and sends his shaft up that beautiful, round, rarely pounded hole. Max sways to and fro and Slava pulls out, squirts another big load and Max does the same.

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04 May 2017

Slava is definitely "Star" of this show....

11 Mar 2020

Pavel Novotny, as beautiful as ever. What a stud. I wonder what has become of him.

30 Sep 2022

Max's cock looks so delicious!!!

09 Apr 2024

This has to be one of the best love scenes I've ever seen on a porn site. They didn't just have sex, they made love. I love both Slava and Max Orloff (aka Jan Dvorak aka Pavel Novotny). I'll never get tired of seeing either of these in any sex scene. Good going, Kristen.

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Under The Big Top