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Under the Big Top - Scene 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
Under the Big Top - Scene 2
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We now move to three extraordinarily masculine muscle gods who are practicing their gymnastic routine under the big top. They are led by the coach, Vilem Cage, He is joined by a baby-faced, tattooed power pack of muscle and cock power, Max Veneziano. The trio is completed by the astonishing Antonio Armani. These three, bare-chested and in clinging gym pants, help each other through their paces in a languid, sensuous, body- and cock-rubbing orgy of foreplay before Vilem and Max -- cocks at full mast through their pants -- stand on a bench and invite Antonio to start the action. He sucks them both forcefully before they form a ladder of cocksucking in which all show superb oral skills, especially when Vilem swallows Max's sharply upturned, long, fat pole and brings him off to a truly fountain-like climax. The three move to a table where Antonio kneels, and Max slurps his hole as Vilem gets on his knees and pulls Max's cock through his cheeks and gobbles it down, taking time off to lick the balls and Max's crack. Antonio then goes to a wire hoop, brings one foot up to be able to offer his butt to Vilem and then opens his mouth as Max stuffs his cheeks. Then Antonio puts his other leg in the hoop and they spin him around so that Max can fuck him and Vilem can feed his face. The two tops spin him around again, Vilem shoves his beautiful dick up the cavity again, gives it a few pumps, pulls out and covers Antonio's ass with cum as Max spurts a monster load all over Antonio's cheeks and face.

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05 May 2017

Circus men in tight tights doing their acrobatic exercises is always a sight worth seeing, especially when their thighs are thoroughly checked over.... What huge erections they all sported before the tights came off, and the serious action commenced. some privilege it must have been for Antonio, to feel those full, sensuous searching lips of Max, rimming his every crevice, causing Anal Frissons.. This video certainly kept Antonio "Centre Stage", with those rather nice pecs of his, which did receive some attention, thank goodness., This video soon turned out to be rather compelling kind of a continuous " Bottoms Up" situation, that Antonio`s rather nice, alluring ass, would not, and could not avoid ..Always, with Kristen Bjorn, it all turned out to be, Exciting, Exciting, Exciting., particularly when Antonio really got " the full treatment" as he gets to "the circus top spun around stage",;but he certainly turned out to be The Focus for fully-concentrated Action, of the most enjoyable kind !.

30 Sep 2022

I love Antonio who loves big cock in his mouth and ass. His little cock is hard as a rock as he gets pleasured by these 2 studs.

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Under The Big Top

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