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Casting Couch #284: Jake Genesis, Sergio Moreno

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #284: Jake Genesis, Sergio Moreno
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sergio Moreno and Jake Genesis meet up at the local sauna. Both enticing the other with their beautifully sculpted bodies and rock hard cocks. As Sergio showers he exposes his hot hole to Jake and shows him just how talented it can be. Sergio has very strong masculine features and a set of full lips that will suck in much more than just your hard cock. He quickly devours Jake’s raging hard on and takes it all the way to the base with great ease. Sergio then puts Jake’s mouth to the test and begins to fuck his throat. Jake takes on the fat cock with total pleasure. After some hot ass eating Sergio plunges his cock deep inside of Jake’s tight ass. Jake then takes on Sergio’s hot ass, penetrating him completely then pulling out and starting all over again, and again, and again. After testing Sergio’s abilities Jake gives him the hard pounding he deserves and desires. Jake and Sergio sit astride each other and erupt their huge loads for each other all over their ripped abs and heaving chests. Winter is upon us, time for a hot afternoon at the sauna. Daddies xxx.

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09 Jul 2018

Two nicehotMen. Real men, with juicy Cocks an nice action. More like this!

09 Jul 2018

Supperb bodies, Mature Men with the wright kind of Dicks for hot action

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