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Casting Couch #381: Gabriel Lunna, Damien Kilauea

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Damien Kilauea is in town on business and decides to stop in and visit his old friend, Gabriel Lunna. The guys waste no time and pick up where they left off the last time they saw each other. Old friends come with a certain familiarity and comfortableness. Gabriel unzips Damien’s shorts and immediately begins to lick and suck on his chestnut colored cock. As his mouth and lips are preoccupied with Damien’s cock, Gabriel’s fingers find their way to Damien’s rich brown nipples, encircled by his thick patch of chest hair. The talents of Gabriel’s mouth bring Damien’s cock to its full and meaty girth. Lying back, Gabriel’s smooth cock is inhaled by Damien, sucking on it as if he hadn’t seen him in a thousand years. Amongst good friends, time never passes. Damien has sucked long enough as he climbs his way up Gabriel’s legs and mounts him. Damien takes Gabriel’s rock-hard cock and glides it deep inside of his hungry, bare hole. Damien rides him like he would a wild stallion, hard and aggressively. Sensing he is too close to continue, Damien switches up with Gabriel and slides his gleaming cock ever so gently and slowly into his smooth, raw ass. These two have been down this road before and know exactly where and when to stimulate each other. Damien passionately fucks Damien and just like every time before that they have brought each other to the zenith of pleasure as Gabriel shoots his hot, creamy load of cum. With Gabriel’s ass muscles massaging Damien’s cock, it is relentless for him to hold back any longer and he too unleashes his hot load of cum. It is always a joy to welcome that familiar face back into town.

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18 Apr 2019

These sexy hunks make me cum hard and a lot. Hot fucking!!!!!!

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