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First Time, Part 1 - Scene 1

Kristen Bjorn Play
First Time, Part 1 - Scene 1
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We are about to give you a whole new perspective on Badminton. Diesel and Abel are demonstrating how to properly serve up a good shuttlecock. Diesel has had many fantasies in the past but refrained from acting upon them. Today, seeing Abel in his tight swimsuit and glistening body makes it impossible to concentrate on where you want your shuttlecock to go. Abel invites Diesel into his home, but Diesel is feeling a rush of emotions, excitement, nervous, passion, fear all swirling around him as Abel does his best to help him to relax. After much encouragement Abel is able to get Diesel to drop his shorts and he soon finds how amazing it is to have a man suck on your cock. The pleasure has consumed him and he can hardly believe he waited this long for such pleasure. Not only has his pleasure peeked so has his curiosity, Diesel wants to know what it is like to suck another man’s cock. He clumsily attempts to mimic Abel but finds that he has much to learn. Abel is very patient with Diesel and encourages him every step of the way. Soon Diesel is catching on. Abel places a condom on Diesel’s fat cock and tells him that he wants him to fuck him. Diesel states that he has never done this before and again Abel assures him that he will tutor him through it. And once again Diesel is overly impressed with the sensation that he is feeling. Not the only one to be feeling great levels of pleasure, Abel’s cock is rock hard and his balls are building up a huge load. Diesel has now worked up the courage to try and be fucked. Abel has positioned himself so that Diesel can sit down on his cock and have full control. Diesel has one last question before they begin, “is it going to hurt” and the reply is the same one that we have all given, “no, trust me”. Diesel begins to descend upon Abel and soon realizes that he must first cross the threshold of pain before he can enter the valley of pleasure. Once he has crossed the threshold he finds that the more he relaxes the more pleasure he finds. Abel has been reading Diesel’s body language and sees that he is ready for more. He begins a slow and deliberate rhythm that continues to build until Diesel is no longer able to hold back. His heavy balls force his creamy load up his shaft while his prostate is being massaged to complete perfection. He erupts his hot, thick load with sheer and utter delight. Abel feels his pleasure and joins him in exploding his hot load as well. Remember the amazing sensations of your first fuck?

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adi andreyana
15 Mar 2013

ok mantap,,,,good.

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