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First Time, Part 1 - Chapter 6b

Kristen Bjorn Play
First Time, Part 1 - Chapter 6b
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We last saw Jake and Mattias bringing their buddies together for an afternoon around the pool. Since muscle daddies Jake and Mattias are hosting the get together it is only fitting that they be the first to be fucked. Mattias and Jake mount the spacious bed situated with a breathtaking view of the pool and surrounding countryside. Mike spreads Mattias’ legs wide open for his rigid cock to penetrate deep within Mattias’ inviting hole. Jake is blessed with being tag-teamed by Valentino and Rado. Both men take turns pounding away at Jake’s perfect pucker hole as Jake beckons them to fuck him harder and harder until there is nothing more but raw hard ass pounding. Rado and Valentino switch back and forth on Jake, sliding their equally matched thick, hung, uncut cocks up his chute. As the switching intensifies, so does Jake’s hard cock. His cock remains rigid the entire time his ass is being assaulted with his balls drawing tighter and fuller with each switch up. Mattias is laid back and in nirvana as Mike continues to fuck his ass completely. Equally matched with Jake, Mattias’ cock is rock solid as his balls flop around and build up a huge load. Rado is pounding away at Jake’s tight hole as Jake’s cock stands straight up and demands attention. Jake takes his cock in hand and releases what appears to be two separate orgasms and Rado continues pounding away at his pulsating hole. Valentino has been so worked up watching the two men fuck and Jake’s incredible eruption that he unleashes his own load on Rado who then releases his geyser of cum onto Jake’s huge ball sac. Mattias has been in sensory overload for some time and after hearing all that cum flying next to him his own milky load is spewed all over his ripped abs. Mike can no longer hold out and shoots his hot load all over Mattias’ thigh and balls in which he immediately laps up with his wet tongue. Now that is hot way to have group sex!

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First Time 1