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Men In The City - The Portrait: Jalil Jafar, Marco Rubi

Kristen Bjorn Play
Men In The City - The Portrait: Jalil Jafar, Marco Rubi
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Marco is taking the wonderful sights of the city when he decides to have his portrait drawn. After the street vendor is finished, Marco Rubi realizes that he doesn’t have any money with him and invites the artist, Jalil Jafar back to his room so he can pay him. Of course Marco has no money and so the oldest form of payment in the world is used. Marco savors Jalil’s hairy pecs and pits with his wet tongue and lips. Jalil pops Marco’s throbbing cock free from his shorts and devours every last piece of it. Marco slicks up Jalil’s huge cock as both men spit on his cock and Jalil takes Marco’s head in his hands and begins face fucking his hungry mouth. Marco chokes down every bit of that huge, wet cock. Marco and Jalil flip fuck each other until Marco ends up squatting down onto Jalil’s huge piece of meat. Marco demands more and Jalil delivers all that he desires until Marco can hold back no longer and lets his thick creamy load flow from his straining cock. Jalil continues pounding away at Marco’s hot ass until he explodes his famous unending geyser of cum that just keeps on shooting from his throbbing cock. I think Jalil will accept this form of payment, would you?

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17 May 2020

Marco Rubi is the best model here. I wonder if you can hire him back.

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