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Men in the City 2 - Intense Rapport: Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, John Rodriguez, Rainer

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While out for drinks Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech spot John Rodriguez and Rainer and decide to make it a wild groupsex gay orgy. After shedding their clothes John begins swallowing Antonio’s pulsating cock down his throat. Mario has shoved his huge cock down Rainer’s hungry mouth with ease. Antonio takes John’s head in both his hands and forces his cock deep into John’s open passage. Mario and Antonio take full advantage of these hungry cock suckers and feed them all they can handle. The raw papis then move into a cock sucking chain with Mario sucking Rainer’s hard cock, Rainer sucking on Antonio’s huge cock and Antonio sucking on John’s steel rod. Rainer then lines up the guys for a rim fest as he works his way down the line of hot pink holes. John moves into a 69 position over Antonio as he swallows Antonio’s and Mario’s huge cocks at the same time, while Rainer rams his raw cock up his ass. Mario pulls his slicked up cock out of John’s mouth and deep into Antonio’s wet ass. Rainer pulls out of John’s ass so that Antonio can suck his cock and lube him up a bit more before fucking John again. Mario loves fucking his lover raw and blows his huge, creamy load and John is right there to eat it all. Mario then positions himself over his lover’s cock and rides him hard. John has also begun to pound Rainer’s hungry hole with his bare cock. Antonio shoots his enormous load into his lovers awaiting hole. John begins to hurl his load that ends up in Rainer’s ass, before Rainer feeds John his second load of the night. It is a good session when everyone fucks and gets fucked.

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18 Nov 2014

show it bb/

10 May 2015

KB, my compliments, what a great video again, the sex is so hot for sure, The guys are so hot and muscular, my favoirite is Antonio Miracle, what a huge cock he has and so hot tattoos's on his chest above his nipples, Rainer is also a good bottom and knows to handle Antonio Miracle big cock. Plse more soon on Antonio !

10 May 2015

John Rodriguez is also very hot, great body he has and what a great amd nice nipples he has, jummy...!!!! Love John a lot, you are the hottest man I ever see. !

17 May 2020

Still a very good scene after these years.

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Men in the City 2