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Casting Couch #334: Allen King, Juan Lopez

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #334: Allen King, Juan Lopez
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After a night of some hot bumping and grinding on the dance floor Allen King and Juan Lopez return home for some naked dancing moves. Allen drops to his knees and begins worshipping Juan’s huge, uncut cock as he works his way up and down the long, thick shaft encircling the luscious head with his tongue. Allen exposes his enormous cock and Juan services his cock with a ravenous appetite. Allen squats over Juan as he begins fucking his ass with his moist tongue. Before giving up his slicked up ass, Allen rams his giant cock deep into Juan’s firm ass. Juan then flips Allen over and plunges his rigid cock into Allen’s hungry pink hole. Juan pounds away at Allen’s ass until Allen blows his thick load. Juan continues fucking away at Allen’s voracious ass then blows his hot, creamy load all over Allen’s lips, tongue and face.

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01 Dec 2017

This video is so hot, like Juan Lopez, he is amazing hot, his smooth chest & body and huge manpiece are my all favorites...Juan you are my favorite, but where are you know, did not see you off late....

01 Dec 2017

Juan Lopez you are my favorite man at KB, your body is so hot, like that huge cock of yours and hot top are you for Allen King, Juan Lopez come back soon, like this video !!

23 Oct 2022

I love JUAN LOPEZ this native from Cuba with such a friendly smile. I follow this guy for a while, since I have watch his 1st two videos at KB. His male body, perky nipples and his massive uncut banana dick are so amazing hot. He is into man to man sex encounters here with this handsome dude Allen King, who is a hot guy too with nice tattoe on his left arm. Really enjoy to watch how Allen King is sucking that huge massive shaft of Juan Lopez and here after getting fucked very hard in his ass by Allen King too.. Hottest fucking scene ever seen with those 2 hot guys...I have a question editor Strongboli, where is Juan Lopez now, since this video was from some years back in 2017. Did he left the KB studios ?

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