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Casting Couch #329: Robin Sanchez, Felipe Porto

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #329: Robin Sanchez, Felipe Porto
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Robin Sanchez runs across an old friend in the part practicing his yoga, Felipe Porto.  Robin invites his old friend over and they quickly pick up where they had left off, pleasuring each other. Robin immediately remembers how talented Felipe’s mouth is and begins face fucking him with his straining cock. With a equal hunger to fill, Robin takes Felipe into his moist mouth and throat while Felipe twists his nipples.  Robin then flips Felipe onto his throbbing cock as he begins squatting up and down onto the hard cock buried in his ass.  Feeling the need to go deeper, Robin again flips Felipe and takes his ass from behind.  Robin bangs away at Felipe’s ass until Felipe shoots his hot, thick load. Robin continues fucking Felipe’s wet ass until he explodes his creamy load all over Felipe’s already spent balls.

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24 May 2015

This video is very hot for sure, Robin is such a hot guy, great body, like his nipples and cock for sure.

24 May 2015

Like Robin Sanches, he is very hot guy. Like the way he is sucking Felipe off.

03 Aug 2015

please shows us more soon on Robin San ches, I like him, he is gorgeous and what a body he has. Great nipples and what a hot chest too, Very hot guy for sure !!

11 Nov 2017

Robin Sanchez you have an amazing hot body, your tattoed body and (big) man nipples make me crazy as soon as you take of your t-shirt.... Love to see you as a TOP in this video too for Felipe Porto, who enjoys that huge cock of Robin too...

06 Nov 2022

OMG what a hot Casting Couch 329. I can tell that Robin Sanchez has the biggest uncut banana dick ever seen on stage at KB. His uncut dick and balls are so huge and massive. Robin his smooth chest and his perky nipples are hottest ever seen, love his sensitive nipples when I saw him shirtless Great shots where muscular Robin Sanchez fucks Felipe Porto, very hard bareback with his huge man pole... Cannot get enough to watch this horse hung guy in action fucking men really hard bareback with that huge uncut horse dick.

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