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Casting Couch #339: Ricardo Rubio, Jesse Dalmau

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #339: Ricardo Rubio, Jesse Dalmau
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Ricardo Rubio has been hunting for men online and has gotten himself very horny. As he begins to pleasure himself he slips into his fantasy and finds Jesse Dalmau waiting for him there. As with any fantasy it is all about your desires, your wants, your needs, your pleasure. Ricardo is hungry to suck cock and Jesse feeds him his enormous cock. Jesse begins to fuck the entire shaft of his cock down Ricardo’s throat as his low hanging balls slap against Ricardo’s chin. Ricardo’s fantasy evolves and Jesse is now sucking on Ricardo’s cock. Jesse knows exactly what Ricardo desires and begins tugging and pinching his nipples hard, the harder he pinches the hotter Ricardo becomes. Ricardo bends over and presents his furry hole for Jesse to fuck hard and deep.  Jesse flips Ricardo over and rams his cock deep inside his ass, the harder Jesse fucks him the harder his balls slap against Ricardo’s ass. After a long hot and hard fuck Ricardo is ready to see Jesse blow his load and Jesse delivers a hot, thick load of cum all over Ricardo’s thigh. Ricardo continues stroking his cock until he blows his creamy load and realizes that his fantasy has brought him a great deal of satisfaction.

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10 May 2015

wooh thats a hot video Jesse Dalmau is so hot for sure, what a huge cock and big ball he has, he is my favorite for sure. Richard is also very nice guy and he knows to suck that huge cock of Jesse Dalmau ! Plse more videos on Jesse !

10 May 2015

Jesse Dalmau, you are the best ! Please more soon !

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