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Casting Couch #376: Esteban Mounty, Stephan Raw

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After a long night of work at the clubs, Esteban Mounty and Stephan Raw are exhausted, but the urge in their cocks cannot be ignored. They head over to Stephan’s flat and begin exploring each other’s hot bodies. As the men begin to strip down we are treated to Stephan’s full ink work, pierced nipple and hot metal cockring. Stephen feeds his meaty cock to Esteban and continues to ride those luscious lips. As Esteban chokes down Stephan’s cock the drool glistens as it glides across his muscular body. Stephan sees that Esteban’s cock is at full staff and moves in to taste and feel his co-workers hot cock slither across his wet tongue and down his throat. Spreading his legs far and wide, Esteban fully exposes himself and Stephan dives right in with his probing tongue. Rolling onto his stomach, Esteban lets Stephan ease his cock into his tight ass. Esteban had told Stephan that he was a novice at this and wanted him to help him expand his limits. Stephan gives Esteban a break and flips for him and Esteban rams his raw cock into Stephan’s talented furry hole. Esteban sees all the pleasure that he is bringing Stephan and is ready to give it another go. On his back this time, Esteban realizes that he is about to receive all that Stephan has to give. Skillfully, Stephan eases his cock into Esteban and gradually builds his rhythmic fucking. Esteban has allowed himself to relax enough that he enters into the realm of full and utter pleasure. Once he crossed over this threshold his cock erupts with his huge load of cum. Stephan continues to ride Esteban hard as his cock slips out and creams his hot pucker hole with thick load of cum. With his cock fully cloaked in cum, Stephan glides his cock back into Esteban. Help your co-worker learn and grow.

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11 Nov 2017

Welcome yo The Kristen Bjorn Studios, versatile Esteban,,You have something rather special about you, which, for some reason, has not been fully disclosed as yet , and only mentioned,, admiringly, in passing, in the description of this episode. I like your style, and the look of your face....Let it be said that your minimal tattoos look well , alongside those highly-decorated total body design of Stephen Raw, Hopefully Estaban, you will be filming again soon., hopefully, as A Bottom.

13 Nov 2017

Very hot video, Esteban Mounty is such a hot amazing guy, love that tattoed chest, body of him. His chest and nipples are so hot.. Esteban enjoys that huge manpiece of Stephan Raw, very hot bottom is Esteban too. Plse bring Esteban back soon like his videos !!

Billy the boy
10 Jan 2018

Esteban Mounty is really sexy!!! Came back Mr Mounty!!!!!!

08 Jun 2020

F**k this is so hot.

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