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Casting Couch #380: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw

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Stephan Raw met up with Jorge Leal for a run in the park today. Now they have returned to Jorge’s and are all hot and worked up from all that physical activity. They turn their energy towards each other as their impressive hard-ons are impossible to restrain in their running shorts. Stephan has no problems stripping Jorge of his shorts and swallowing his hairy cock whole. Working his mouth up and down that hot shaft, Jorge is impressed with Stephan’s deep throat sucking and encourages him to keep sucking. Jorge flips with Stephan and lays with his head hanging off of the bed as Stephan stuffs his meaty cock all the way down to his shiny steel cock ring. Stephan places his hand on Jorge’s throat so that he can feel his hard cock filling Jorge’s deep throat. Jorge throws Stephan onto the bed and spits, licks and probes his hot, pink ass with his hungry tongue. Sufficiently lubricating Stephan’s ass with his saliva, Jorge plunges his raw cock deep into Stephan’s wet ass. After pumping Stephan’s ass full of his throbbing cock, Jorge lays back on the bed and has Stephan lower his raw ass onto his eager cock. Stephan grinds down hard on Jorge as his own cock bounces around with each hard thrust. All that pumping and grinding has brought Jorge to the point of no return as his thick load of cum gushes up and out of his hot cock. Jorge uses his cum drenched cock to spread his seed all over Stephan’s smooth ass. Stephan takes his cum drenched ass and flips Jorge and rams his raw cock into Jorge’s hairy ass. Stephan fucks Jorge deep and hard until he to shares his hot load of cum with Jorge’s raw ass. Double duty cardio is the name of the day today.

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05 Jan 2018

There is nothing quite like lusty enthusiasm, and Jorge and Stephen have certainly got lashings of sexual adrenaline, and there is nothing as good as a tick steel cock ring to add to the rotary excitement. and bed creaking....The ramming was very rhythmic and certainly passionate !

Sr Machismo
16 Aug 2018

Fans want to see Attila Kardos & Jorge Leal fuck Raw

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