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Casting Couch #415:Felipe Marckezinne, Santi Sexy

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Black porn star Santi Sexy is here today to help induct and instruct our new-comer Felipe Marckezinne in the fine art of sex in front of voyeurs, you! The light blue jean cock rubbing leads to straining hard cocks begging to be set free. Felipe releases his cock and Santi immediately begins to salaciously run his tongue up and down his hard cock shaft and encircling his throbbing cock head. As Santi consumes all of Felipe’s cock, Felipe begins voraciously fucking Santi’s hungry mouth. Felipe is having a hard time resisting the super sucking powers of the internationally renowned Santi Sexy and has to back off before blowing his load. So, he drops to his knees and takes Santi’s black dick into his mouth, marveling at the exquisitely, glistening, mahogany cock that is filling his mouth and senses. Santi hits the gym hard and appreciates someone like himself and is eager to get at Felipe’s huge, muscular ass. With Felipe salivating all over his cock, now is the best time to part those beautiful mounds and ram his raw cock deep inside. Felipe swaps positions and lowers his ass onto Santi’s pulsating cock. Santi gives him a deep, hard, rapid fire fucking that forces Felipe’s cock into total firmness. Felipe is unable to control his excitement and blows his hot load all over Santi’s muscular thigh. As the last of Felipe’s cum flows from his cock, Santi’s cock erupts all over Felipe’s ass and balls. Santi shoves his cock back into Felipe as his load is still seeping from Felipe’s ball sac. Every voyeur needs a good exhibitionist. Gay xxx black.

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18 Oct 2019

I want santi!

Clemente Lopez
11 May 2020

Is the a membership upgrade to have unlimited downloads per day like other sites?

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