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Casting Couch #423: Salvatore Exposito, Santiago Rodriguez

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Santiago Rodriguez is the lucky man today as he gets to break in the new-comer, Salvatore Exposito. A little on the excited side, Santiago’s cock is busting at the seams to be released as soon as Salvatore arrives. It takes no time for the kissing to commence and both men’s cocks are demanding to be released from their huge dick bulges and serviced. As both cocks get released it is Salvatore that drops to his knees first and begins running his lips and mouth up and down the long cock shaft of Santiago. With the expert way Salvatore sucks cock and the way he is able to get Santiago’s entire cock down his throat, we can only assume he has had some practice, which only means it is only going to be that much better to watch him stuff that huge cock again and again down his throat. Salvatore rises and allows Santiago the opportunity to suck in his bulbous cock head as the remainder of his cock follows gently. After Santiago services Salvatore’s cock, he stands and Salvatore goes back to worshipping that huge cock that is right at home in his throat. Salvatore flips Santiago over the table and rams that huge, mushroom head deep inside of Santiago’s raw ass. Santiago gasps and moans as he feels it driving deeper and deeper within him. Salvatore gives him no time to rest as he begins slamming his hot cock in and out of Santiago’s ass. As Salvatore slows up his pace, it is Santiago that tells him “harder”, “more” and Salvatore delivers exactly what he wants. The guys swap and this time it is Salvatore that gets his hairy ass probed by Santiago’s huge cock. Santiago gives Salvatore a hot, long fucking and finds the spot that drives Salvatore wild. Salvatore encourages Santiago to give him more and its not long before Salvatore’s cock is erupting with a huge, creamy load of cum as Santiago continues fucking his hairy hole. As Salvatore strokes out the last of his load, Santiago whips his cock out and begins to unleash his hot load, but it is only the first spray of cum that escapes as Santiago slams his erupting cock back into that hairy hole and fills Salvatore’s hairy ass with his cum. I’m guessing we have two experts here.

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11 Dec 2019

Great scene! Salvatore is a great find, and Santiago is already one of my favorites. I want to see more of them both!

26 Sep 2022

What a hot scene. I have always adored Santiago, and now I have Salvatore to adore. I love his Daddy, hairy persona. Watching these two flip fuck each other was great. Love to see hot men that are versatile.

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