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Casting Couch #439: Javi Gray, Santiago Rodriguez

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Our newest “beginner” to enlist with the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men is Javi Gray and is joined by Santiago Rodriguez. As Santiago enters the room, Javi is already stripped down to his underwear with huge dick bulges and they both get into the action rather quickly. Javi drops to his knees and takes in the sheer amazement of Santiago’s magnificent cock. Unable to resist what is right in front of him, Javi leans in and begins sucking on Santiago’s full cock. While Javi is servicing Santiago’s cock with his hot lips and hungry mouth, Santiago also has a hunger that needs to be fulfilled. Javi is bent over and Santiago begins feasting on his hot pink ass, darting his tongue in and out then running his wet tongue across Javi’s taint to his plump balls and down the length of his cock shaft to his engorged cock head then back to the perfect pucker hole. Santiago continues this intense action until he can sense the twitching in the surrounding muscles of Javi’s pucker hole. Once Santiago senses this movement, he knows it is time and rises up and rams his hard cock balls deep into Javi’s wet ass. Santiago gives Javi a thorough fucking in this position before he lays back and lets Javi take his cock for a wild ride as he lowers his ass onto Santiago’s throbbing cock. Javi rides the full length of Santiago’s cock as his own cock slaps around with pleasure. Just as the pleasure builds the guys swap positions and this time Javi is on his back, legs spread wide as Santiago slips his ragging hard-on into that sweet ass. As Santiago picks up the pace of fucking Javi’s cock is getting stronger with each thrust deep inside his ass. Javi’s cock has reached maximum capacity and he is left with no other option but to explode. Santiago’s fucking has reached a rapid-fire thrusting that only forces Javi to shoot his thick, creamy load of cum all over his heaving chest and ripped abs. With all this action playing out in front of him and Javi’s ass muscles tugging at his cock Santiago creams that perfect pucker hole with his load of cum, making sure that the majority of it finds its way into Javi’s ass along with his drenched cock.

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28 Nov 2020

Great scene, with hot men!

12 Dec 2020

Two beautiful men!

21 Apr 2022

I think Javi is one of the hottest bottoms in the wold of porn. I wish he had done more videos.

07 Mar 2023

Those piercing eyes of Javi are incredible! Please work with him more!!

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