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Casting Couch #442: Roni Yarz, Max Duran

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Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is the newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, Roni Varz the twin of Max Duran? I do not know about the twin thing, but this film is exactly what guys who fantasize about twins is all about. As the sexy muscle men strip down even their underwear are matching, let us watch and see what else is identical. When the matching underwear with big bulges come off, we can clearly see that Max is a hungry cock sucker as he does everything necessary to choke down Roni’s big, beefy, uncut cock. Roni’s cock is rock solid and ready for action, but first he needs to make sure that Max is ready and it is time to prep that hot picture-perfect pucker hole with his hot and hungry tongue. Max is a ravenous bottom and it takes little effort for Roni to ram his swollen cock deep inside of that tempting hole. After fucking Max face down, Max takes control and squats his smooth ass down onto Roni’s pulsating cock. Max takes full advantage of this position and fills his ass with cock and pleasure. This squatting position stimulates both men perfectly as their balls draw up tight and position them for a huge explosion. One last flip and Max is on all 4’s and Roni towering over him with his pumped pecs, chiseled jaw and fat cock. This match-up is a perfect pairing of delectable ass and meaty cock. Both men know exactly what they need to do to pleasure the other and themselves. As Max opens up his ass, Roni thrusts his cock forward deep and hard, causing a rhythm of full indulgence. With Roni’s cock slipping in and out of Max’s ass the pleasure is too much to bear as Max begins shooting his hot load of cum. Roni’s pre-cum slips from Max’s ass as he showers Max’s ass with his huge load of thick cum. Who is up for a 3 way with these “twins”?

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26 Jan 2021

Thank you for introducing us to Ron Yarz, he is a really sexy man. Masculine, muscular, hung, smooth cranium all add up to an amazing sex machine! I would love to feel that cock inside of me.

27 Jan 2021

Roni is indeed very sexy!

28 Jan 2021

Very sexy! hot casting

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