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Casting Couch #449: Gitano Silva, Andy Star

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Andy Star enters the room looking like the incredible star that he is to introduce us to the newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men; Gilano Silva. Andy dominates these two lean, muscular men with his advancing kisses. The rock-hard, uncut cocks are released, and Andy shows Gilano how a true star sucks cock. Gilano begins face fucking Andy as his heavy load of drool smothers Gilano’s cock. Feeling the hunger grow from deep within himself, Gilano comes at Andy’s legendary ass with a barbaric craving. Gilano’s tongue bathes in the sweet smell and taste of Andy’s perfect ass as he laps at that perfect pucker. Placing his cock head against Andy’s ass, Andy backs his smooth ass up against Gilano’s cock and begins fucking himself. The guys deviate positions and Andy positions himself above Gilano and begins fucking himself again, thrusting his hard, muscular ass down onto the awaiting cock below. Andy is able to take the full length with ease and grinds down hard. Another flip and Andy is on his back with Gilano’s cock penetrating that beautiful ass. Driving himself wild with pleasure, Andy sprays his smooth, muscular thigh with his creamy load of cum. Gilano pulls out and shoots his thick load of cum on Andy’s ass. Gilano leans in and eats his cum from Andy’s ass, before shoving his throbbing cock back into Andy.

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24 Aug 2021

Andy star is always hot to watch!

24 Aug 2021

Andy Star has chosen his name wisely, he truly is a STAR in this industry. A true star is one that rises to his best no mater what the situation, location, role. Andy commands this performance like no other. This is one star that is truly underrated and not seen for his true worth by the U.S. market and execs. Thank you Kristen for always having that eye for true talent as you have proven over the years. Andy Star is a true feather in your cap!

01 Nov 2021

Impresionantes!! Gitano como activo es una verdadera pasada. Cada día me gusta más. Un abrazo a los dos desde Madrid

27 Oct 2022

I hope Gitano will be back. I'm impressed with his rugged good looks, his lean shredded frame, and big cock.

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