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Casting Couch 413: Nalid Turan, Salvador Mendoza

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Salvador Mendoza hooks up with Nalid Turan and we got all the hot action on film. Nalid is in town visiting and when he spots Salvador’s profile, he knows that is the man he wants to hook up with. Nalid arrives and after a quick shower Nalid moves across the room in a salacious style and Salvador finds himself very hot and horny. Nalid walks up to Salvador and places his elongated, smooth, rock-solid cock into his awaiting mouth. Salvador works his moist lips and mouth up and down the long shaft before he buries Nalid’s entire cock down his throat. The guys move into a sensual 69 position where they begin a ravenous love making to the others cock. Finding himself so worked up, Salvador stands up and Nalid comes in from behind and begins teasing his ass with the head of his cock. Nalid slowly picks up the pace until he is finally balls deep in Salvador’s hungry ass. Picking up the pace, Nalid gives Salvador’s ass a rapid-fire fucking that takes Salvador by surprise and to his delight. The guys swap up again and this time Nalid tells Salvador to “follar me” (fuck me) as Salvador spits on his perfect pink pucker hole. Salvador leans in and gently slips his indestructible cock into Nalid’s perfect ass. The fucking picks up quickly and Salvador finds that Nalid is a bit more hardcore than what he is used to and quickly adapts. Salvador pops his cock in and out of Nalid’s ass, demanding that he keep his ass open before thrusting his cock back in. Salvador is intently watching Nalid’s ass in action and is able to read every little wink and Salvador’s cock thrust forward after receiving the wink of invitation. Nalid places his knees on either side of his head, with his ass fully exposed as Salvador penetrates him completely and deeply. This position allows Salvador to massage Nalid from the inside perfectly as Nalid laps up the oozing precum from his throbbing cock. Salvador spins to a variety of directions to make sure that Nalid is stimulated from every direction. Having found the exact spot, Nalid begins shooting his creamy load of cum into his own mouth. Just as Nalid licks the last drops of his own cum, Salvador unleashes his thick load directly onto Nalid’s pink hole.

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02 Jul 2019

Wow, great scene! Nalid is a really hot discovery.

02 Jul 2019

Yes! amazing Casting Couch and amazing Nalid.

02 Jul 2019

One of the best casting couch scenes, with a fantastic ending. More Nalid, please!

02 Jul 2019

Great passion between models and excellent ending!

Irving Wever
16 Oct 2022

What a hot video scene again KB, with those 2 favorite men Salvador Mendoza and Nalid Turan. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Salvador Mendoza his male body after getting undressed and showing his hot male body, starring in this video. Salvador has a body every man could dream off, his friendly smile, muscular body and his perky and sensitive nipples are so amazing hot !! His uncut 23 cm cock and balls are really massive and huge ! Hottest man to man sex encounter with hot his partner Nalid Turan, who know how to kiss a man and sucking big cock too. Love to watch how Salvador is sucking that huge head and cock of Nalid Turan in the 69 position and after all getting fucked really hard bareback by Nalid Turan. Editor Mr. Strongboli, this is 1 of the hottest video's ever seen with those 2 favorite guys of me !! Bring them both back on stage again !

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