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Casting Couch 454: Kyle Fox, Nicholas Bardem

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The sultry Kyle Fox is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the incessantly handsome Nicholas Bardem. Nicholas walks up to Kyle with only his jeans on and begins working his hot mouth across Kyle’s lips, bearded cheeks, smooth neck and down his long, muscular torso until he reaches the prize that he is after. Kyle’s jeans are undone and his semi-hard cock jumps out demanding attention. Nicholas is right there to catch as it falls out and into his awaiting, hungry mouth. Working his mouth up and down the ever-growing cock shaft, Nicholas can feel the head of Kyle’s cock jabbing at the back of his throat as it gains full strength. Nicholas’ expert cock sucking skills has brought Kyle’s lengthy cock to full attention and his heavy ball sac is full and fat. Stepping up and onto the table, Nicholas’ thick cock is released and Kyle leans in to suck the fat cock demanding his attention. Nicholas presses his sneaker on Kyle’s throbbing cock as Kyle presses it down even harder, stroking his cock between the sole of Nicolas’ shoe and the hard table. Kyle gets a good face fucking before he flips Nicholas around and slips his vibrant cock deep into Nicholas’ hairy ass. As Kyle slams his cock in and out of Nicholas’ ass, Nicholas’ cock remains steadfast and firm. Kyle realizes that he has fucked with such intensity that he has to back off before those fat balls explode. Nicholas flips him and begins eating his smooth ass, giving him a wet tongue fucking before ramming his thick cock into his slippery ass. Nicholas finds that it isn’t wet enough for him and pulls out and begins tongue fucking again. Once Nicholas has had his fill of tongue fucking, he slips his cock back in and begins a hard fucking. Kyle’s ass proves to be really sweet for Nicholas as he blows his load all over Kyle’s bearded chin and Kyle laps the last of his load. With the hot cum lingering on his tongue, Kyle begins shooting his hot load and Nicholas drops to his knees and catches every drop on his hungry tongue. Welcome to the Society Kyle.

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04 Nov 2021

Another great scene turned out by Kristen Bjorn. Where does he find these guys? Kyle is smooth, muscular and hung! It was great to watch manly Nicholas swallow that huge cock then take it up his ass. Wasn't expecting Kyle to bottom, so that was a treat to see and then to watch both men eat the others cum was a great "climax"!

05 Nov 2021

Very hot scene! Both men are also very hot!

09 Nov 2021

Kyle is incredibly hot, he really is walking wet dream !

.I hope he does many more scenes

28 Oct 2022

I love Kyle Fox a native from Brazil, this guy has a body every man could dream of...His smooth chest, perky nipples and of course his huge uncut banana dick are amazing to see. Hot casting scene to see Kyle Fox and Nicolas Bardem their hot bodies, ass and huge uncut banana dicks ... Nice video with my 2 favorite men, bring them soon back on stage !

15 Nov 2022

Kyle is an amazing fuck machine; his body writhing gets my meat rock hard; I like that he also gives up his hungry cunt for Bardem's mouth and chorizo. Bardem is an amazing Rimmer and also a hot fuck machine. very hot back & forth w 2 hotttt studs.

15 Nov 2022

Nice close ups of Bardem's shaft penetrating Kyle's hungry pussy but would have enjoyed more views from down below looking up, in between Bardem's legs to see his sperm tanks bouncing off of Kyle's hole, while he expertly breeds Kyle.

18 Dec 2022


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