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Casting Couch #493: Zeb Hadid, Jacob Lord

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The muscle bear fest has begun in this casting where Jacob Lord inducts Zeb Hadid into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. These muscle bears are hot, horny, furry, and fantastic. Take a watch or join in.

After the niceties of introductions, kissing, fur exploration it’s time to strip the underwear and get this party started. Zeb shoves Jacob onto the bed and takes his entire cock into his mouth and comes to rest at his balls. With his nose buried in Jacob’s full bush, Zeb inhales all that magnificent, musky aroma wafting from his crotch before continuing with his deep throat cock sucking.

Jacob has been dying to get at it and finally takes his time when he begins sucking on Zeb’s meaty cock. Jacob is also a gifted deep throat cock sucker and makes sure that he gives Zeb’s fat cock the lip service it so richly deserves.

It’s time to kick this flipping into overdrive and Jacob bends over, spreads his hairy ass and Zeb leans in and begins tongue fucking that hot, hairy hole. Jacob flips Zeb and feasts on his caramel-colored hole as well.

Time for another flip and this time Zeb samples another tasting of Jacob’s ass before plunging his weighty cock deep within his wet ass. Zeb starts out with a smooth, rhythmic fucking until Jacob is able to catch his breath, once he does there is no stopping Zeb.

The muscle bears know how to share and now it is time for Zeb to spread his thick, muscular thighs as he squats his muscle ass down onto Jacob’s throbbing cock. Zeb consumes Jacob’s entire cock in one descending thrust. Zeb takes this daddy’s hungry cock for a wild ride and rides him hard.

Time to flip it again and Jacob lies back, spreads his muscular legs and Zeb plunges deep and immediately gives him a good and penetrating fuck. Jacob grabs hold of his cock, the head expands twice its size then explodes a hot, milky load of cum all over his furry abs. Zeb fucks the last of Jacob’s cum out of his cock then showers his hot load onto Jacob’s throbbing cock.

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20 Jul 2023

WOW!! Congratulations Strongboli, you are a master with hairy Daddies. This is a dream scene for anyone who is a Daddy, Bear, Muscle or a lover of these type of men. To see this caliber of men flipping with each other is what puts this scene at the top of any list! Do not miss this, if you don't like this take your pulse, your probably not alive.

20 Jul 2023

Genial el regreso de los velludos sin afeitar...Imagino a ZEB Y a JACOB con Kike Gil.

21 Jul 2023

What a fucking hot scene ..... love these hairy men

24 Jul 2023

Amazing scene, hot big muscle daddies fucking like gods. thanks Kristen, more like that.

01 Aug 2023

GREAT scene !!! Gotta love hairy men

27 Aug 2023

This has to be the hottest scene on in a LONG time! Not that other scenes haven't been hot - but this one went to a whole new level! Absolutely outstanding! I've loved Jacob Lord since he first appeared in porn - but the addition of Zeb into your "stable of men" is one of the greatest additions you could have made!!! Thank you!

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