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Casting Couch #497: Dave Wikkinson, Augusto Arias

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Entering center stage is the muy sexy Augusto Arias, who is inducting the young and handsome Dave Wikkinson into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Both men enter, strip away their shirts, give us a spin and tease us with a view of what is to come. Augusto takes Dave into his arms and his ass into his hands as the two begin to explore their passions for one another by kissing and fondling on their burgeoning cocks. The only other option at this point is to strip those shorts off and release those amazing cocks.

Lowering himself to cock level, Augusto takes Dave’s cock into his mouth and begins sucking on his ragging-hard cock. Dave responds in kind and matches Augusto’s sucking with his own face fucking. Augusto’s incredible cock sucking has brought Dave’s cock to such an amazing state of rigidness.

Dave shows us that he is a hungry cock sucker as he drops to his knees and takes Augusto’s gleaming toffee colored cock into his mouth, bringing it to its full and rightful state of erection. Augusto encourages Dave to go for it as he splits his time between glistening cock and smooth ball sac. Augusto tweaks his nipples adding another layer of pleasure to this blow job.

Dave’s hunger is spreading throughout his entire body as he stands up and squats his creamy white ass down onto Augusto’s rigid cock. Dave rides the full length of Augusto’s cock as his own cock is slapping up against his abs as he thrusts his ass up and down Augusto’s pleasure pole.

Augusto flips Dave off of his cock and begins fucking him with his hot tongue. Making a full banquet of Dave’s ass, Augusto devours and relishes in the aroma and flavor of his cock still lingering on Dave’s ass.

With Dave on all 4’s, Augusto switches from tongue fucking to ramming his raw cock back into Dave’s eager ass. In this position Dave’s ass is fully open and ready to receive as Augusto is up on his feet with full leverage to go deep and hard.

The guys switch up positions and Dave is up on his feet, pushing his ass back onto Augusto’s cock. Augusto is taking full advantage of the position as he slams his cock hard and ramps up the heated fucking.

One last flip and Dave finds himself on his back with his knees on opposite sides of his head and Augusto is ramming his cock harder and deeper into that creamy ass. Augusto’s cock has reached the inner sanctum of Dave’s pleasure point and fucks the cum right out of him. Dave’s hot load of cum floods onto his ripped abs as Augusto continues with his onslaught of fucking pleasure. Augusto explodes his luscious load of cum deep inside of Dave and Dave’s ass erupts into a volcanic eruption of cum as it flows from his drenched ass. We all need to see more of that talented ass!

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12 Oct 2023

Very hot scene. Augusto just oozes sexuality and sensuality. He is fluid sexual energy in motion! wonderful to meet the newest member of Kristen Bjorn's stables, Dave. Sexy and talented man. I do think there was a huge missed opportunity when Dave was pushing Augusto's cum out of his ass. I wish that Augusto was there to lick up his own cum (felch).

14 Oct 2023

Very hot scene!

14 Oct 2023

Dave is a real stud muffin

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