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Casting Couch #343: Felipe Ferro, Jose Quevedo

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After a few drinks at the local pub muscle daddy Felipe Ferro invites Jose Quevedo over for a wild night of raw sex. The men find that they are a great match as they strip away each other’s clothes and find sexy muscled bodies, hairy torsos, and a hunger for cock and ass. They work the other’s nipples with some hard biting that drives them both wild with desire for more. Filipe releases his manly cock and begins feeding Jose’s famished throat with it. Jose exposes his rock hard cock and instructs Felipe exactly how he likes his cock to be sucked and Felipe obeys. Felipe is devouring Jose’s cock like a wild boar that hasn’t eaten in months. Felipe then endows his hairy hole to Jose’s famished tongue, which Jose makes sure is sufficiently lubed up with his saliva before he plunges his raw, manly cock completely inside of Felipe’s ass. Felipe is hungry for more and flips Jose and thrusts his cock balls deep into his raw ass. Both men instruct the other on their pleasures and desires. Harder, stronger and deeper are the name of this encounter. With the intense pounding in his ass Jose blows his load which forces Felipe to lose control and creams Jose’s wet hole with his load. Check out your local club, he’s waiting there for you.

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13 May 2015

Wow, Jose Quevedo is a real stud muffin!

13 May 2015

SEXY COUPLE!!!!! hairy chests, beards! KB 3.0 ?

23 Jul 2015

move of jose please! he's super hot

21 Aug 2015

The two men are very horny.
They are very manly.
Their bodies are great hairy.
Wow ... just great and beautiful.

19 May 2016

This is a real "Boner" of a video. Kristen tells us that the highly-sexed men, are a couple in real life. Well, The Connection was there from the word "Go", and "go at it", they surely did ! No wonder these handsome Spanish guys tear into each other so passionately, and give each other constant feedback, which is the wont of serious Lovers...... Felipe`s cock must have been rather sore after this frenzied session !

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