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Journey to Greece - Scene 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Journey to Greece - Scene 3
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Sebastian and Federico have caught the eye of bodybuilder Ivan Cseska on the street. The three studs hook up in a private chamber, where this time it's Ivan's gorgeous body that is photographed in profile as he watches Sebastian and Federico go at it. The most erotic thing about this scene is that Sebastian and Federico teasingly, willfully perform for Ivan, making his libido reach the boiling point. Sebastian face-fucks Federico with his totally-out-of-proportion dick, which is long, thick, and totally suckable. Finally, Ivan can hold off no longer and he drops to his knees, taking Sebastian's huge meat in his mouth. Sebastian shoots his first load all over Ivan's bulging chest. Then Federico stands, spreads his ass and Sebastian dives in with his tongue. Ivan, back in profile again, shoots his cum as he watches. In the next part of the scene Sebastian and Federico perform a 69, with Federico on top, Ivan slides into Federico's ass and pounds it. Then Federico sits on Sebastian and rides him while sucking Ivan at the same time. Another quick cut and it's Sebastian who is sitting on Ivan with Federico face-fucking Sebastian. The scene ends with all three studs producing massive loads of cum.

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28 Jan 2018

Sebastian and Federico are well -matched, and this video really does showcase the studs` fantastic physique, In particular Federico`s fabulous bubble butt., that is compulsive rimming...
little wonder that Ivan gets so worked up !

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Journey To Greece