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Journey to Greece - Scene 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
Journey to Greece - Scene 2
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Statuesque Max Veneziano, handsome Pietro Rosselli and hunky Antonio Armani, with his sexy salt-and-pepper hair frolic on the beach in the nude. Max, Pietro and Antonio look like latter-day gods as they horse around naked, which is perfectly appropriate for the setting. The three then find a private location to sample each other carnally, with Antonio on his knees licking and tonguing Pietro's sculpted ass as Max stands, his buff body in profile, stroking his very long cock. Antonio then gets to sample both Pietro and Max, sucking each of them in turn. Both studs blow huge loads of cum that drip down Antonio's lean, tanned torso. The scene then changes to a daisy-chain rim act, with Max burying his tongue in Antonio's ass as Antonio does the same to Pietro. Both Max and Pietro then fuck Antonio, in succession, with Max blowing an impressive load all over Antonio's belly. While Pietro fucks Antonio missionary, Max plants his asshole right on Antonio's tongue, and then Antonio sits on Max's always-hard dick, riding it as his own erection bounces in front of his body. Two more impressive cum-shots by Max and Pietro end the scene.

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28 Sep 2015

max's cockhead and lips look like the same kind of skin-shiny and smooth-bet they both taste good-would love to find out

02 Nov 2015

not a single man in this movie id say no to

05 May 2017

I totally agree with William. Max, Pietro and Antonio all have highly-attractive qualities, and I will deal with them in order, saving The Best, to last. :-any man that chooses to "top and Tail" like Max, is always "A Turn On", in my book. that long cock , with no pubic hair,is irresistible, but Max`s eyes are mesmerising in their sexual intent. Pietro is an attractive man in a different way, and has young Male Beauty coupled with rather a nice Bubble Butt,which dances over Antonio`s tongue, rather rhythmically.. but,,he nevertheless, chooses to be A Top. Antonio Armani is the man that really does most of the work. His rimming and cock sucking skills cause both men to spout automatically, which is quite some feat. I, for one, would not have neglected Antonio`s rather nice nates, which are very nicely shaped, unusually- pronounced, and beg to be pinched hard.. He also has rather nice feet.. I rate Antonio as a highly tactile Sensualist, .Let me say that Max and Pietro were highly-privileged to have gone to be with him !

30 Sep 2022

Antonio is such a great bottom - I love seeing his beautiful ass get used. Too bad he didn't eat any of that cum. His little dick is so cute too while he is riding at the end.

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Journey To Greece

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