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Montreal Men - Scene 1

Kristen Bjorn Play
Montreal Men - Scene 1
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Bads boys Pierre LaBranche (Rod Majors) and Lucien Fortier roam the streets of old Montreal looking for trouble; and they find it when when Luc Cote parks his car, and unwittingly drops his keys on the sidewalk. Spotting their chance for a joy ride, Pierre and Lucien steal Luc's car. But when they find an envelope with Luc's address, they decide to check out his pad. It´s not long, however, before Pierre's huge cock finds it's way into Lucien's mouth, and Luc happens to walk in the midst of the suck-a-thon. Lucien and Pierre then proceed to stuff their dicks into Luc's mouth until both men unload their balls. Pierre then fucks a couple of loads out of Luc, while he and his buddy Lucien pop their own loads in the process. Then it's Lucien's turn to get Pierre's huge rod in his butt until all thre mand have shot off a final round of cum.

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08 Jun 2017

The hustler`s traditional outfit of leather jacket,, exposed Pecs, tight jeans and knee high boots really suits sexy Pierre Labranche..He and lascivious Lucien, clearly cannot get enough of each other, but within minutes, with their undoubted skills, they turn Luc Cote into a totally- insatiable Bottom, by them continually draining him of Cum .He then learns rapidly how to make Lucien cum. I call that pretty good going, and, obviously, Damn exciting....
I bet that Luc could not believe his Luck ! What is more, he obviously did not have to pay for their services. I expect that he asked for a repeat session , because these virile, sensual, "Spermatozoa Twins" knew exactly what they were doing. This is a very good introduction to "Montreal Men", and this adventurous " Three way" ,is well- worthy of an award .

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Montreal Men

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