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Montreal Men - Scene 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Montreal Men - Scene 3
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Back in Old Montreal, cute, young hunks Michel D´Amores and Andre Silva hang out shirtless on the street until a stretch limo pulls over in front of them. Eric Perot alights from the limo, and appoaches Michel and Andre with an offer. Next we see the two young men being blindfolded, and wisked away in the limo. The blindfolds are removed once the two have reached the sumptuous dwelling of wealthy Abdul Hajjouri. After examining the young men like merchandise, the handsome, muscular Arab pulls out his own hardon, and covers it with $100 bills. Michel and Andre immediately catch his drift, and the two start sucking and rimming Abdul until he blows his load, while Eric watches and jacks off. The gay orgy continues with Andre slamming Michel while Addul bonks Eric, until each man has unloaded his balls. The foursome then moves to a four poster bed, where the tops switch patners, and conclude with each man shooting yet another load of hot cum.

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07 Jun 2017

Arabs have always had a certain reputation for having a penchant for Male Sex. After all, "The Arab Strap" is the only Male enhancement accessory to be named after a Nation !
Sultry-looking Abdul certainly got "Value for his money in this sumptuous Arab -style furnished apartment video. He wisely chose not to "put his money where his mouth is", but, instead, the bills did look rather good, posted around, and in His Extremities.... His chauffeur certainly got all "The Perks of The Trade". Michel and Andre did well to hunt as a pair,, and they certainly worked erotic wonders...This video was so realistic, as no doubt this kind of action could still happen in old Montreal.?

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Montreal Men

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