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Crossroads of Desire Scene 1

Kristen Bjorn Play
Crossroads of Desire Scene 1
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A man lusciously handsome and bulging with all-over muscles, Cesar Moreno, is cruised near a seaside ruin by two handsome brunet studs, Domingo Montero and Victor Villanueva. Montero and Villanueva introduce Moreno to the fine art of three-way man-sex in a nearby alcove. Montero is the first to get a taste of Moreno's delectable-looking cock, while Villanueva explores Moreno's bubble-butt with his mouth and tongue. Moreno blows his first load like that, while the other two are still fully dressed, he then goes down on his knees to service the other two studs until they shoot their loads. The three then hop into Jeep and repair to a private location, where Montero proves to be a bottom of the first order, getting fucked hard by Villanueva from behind as he sucks lustily on Moreno's cock. Then Moreno sticks it to Montero first, then Villanueva. The scene ends with three huge cum-shots, first from Villanueva, who is sucking on Moreno while getting fucked by Montero, and then Moreno shoots, jerking his cock hard. Finally, Montero blows his wad on Villanueva's asscheek and leans over to lick it off.

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Crossroads Of Desire