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Crossroads of Desire - Scene 5

Kristen Bjorn Play
Crossroads of Desire - Scene 5
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This scene starts with two beautiful men running on the beach, being watched by none other than Julio Vidal. When the three join up on the whitewashed staircase of a beach hacienda, Vidal´s tiny blue bikini can´t begin to cover his huge cock, and the other two hunks feast on it in turn, while their erections dangle outside the pouches of their own suits. This three-way turns into a four man gay orgy when the studs are joined by handsome Hugo Viera. Vidal shoots a rocket load all over Duranza´s face while Viera watches. The action continues inside the hacienda. Ferrero sits on Vidal´s upright erection while Viera and Duranza watch and stroke their hard cocks. Viera and Duranza shoot simultaneously, and then Ferrero jerks his load out while he bounces on Vidal´s meat. Once again, Vidal releases a load that erupts volcanically to end the scene. The finale is a segment where Duranza gets rather impressively double-fucked by Vidal and Ferrero. It´s impressive because Vidal is so thick it´s almost like he´s got a double cock of his own, and to add another in the same hole is truly a feat of a power bottom extraordinaire. Again, there are very impressive cum-shots all around at the end, particularly from Viera, whose milky-white load coats Duranza´s neck when he shoots.

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03 Mar 2023

I have jerked off so many times watching this wonderful scene. The tanned skins and the speedo´s are so hot, I can´t even find the words to describe how horny I am

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Crossroads Of Desire