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Casting Couch # 31: Daniel Marvin, Bento

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch # 31: Daniel Marvin, Bento
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Bento is just in town for one night and calls his old fuck buddy Daniel Marvin to come over for a fuck down memory lane. It has been a long time and Bento is thrilled to see how sculpted Daniel’s muscular body has become. He taunts and teases Daniel’s nipples with his teeth as Daniel shoves his hand down to his rock hard cock. Bento didn’t realize how hungry he was to suck cock until he felt the hot, smooth flesh brush past his lips and over his wet tongue. He wanted to give Daniel unimagined pleasure without driving him over the edge and missing out on what he had dreamt about for the past several years. Daniel started working his lips up and down Bento’s ripped torso then came to his cock and took his old friend into his mouth. The memories flooded Bento’s mind of how many times before he had cum all over those lips. Bento’s smooth hole had become very hungry and there was only one thing that was going to satiate that hunger and Daniel knew exactly what and how to give it to him. Daniel let his cock glide deep inside and began a rhythmic fuck that only intensified both of their desires. Bento then positioned himself over Daniel’s cock, knowing that this was the position that would bring both of them the most pleasure. They worked in unison, Bento riding that hot cock and Daniel spreading that ass wide open and thrusting his cock deep inside. Bento thought that it was impossible to feel any more pleasure until his cock erupted with a thick creamy load of cum that sprayed all over Daniel’s ripped abs. Daniel loved the sensation of all that wet cum covering his body and that hot ass griping his cock that he showers Bento’s ass with his hot load of cum. Give an old fuck buddy a call tonight!

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