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Sands of Time - The Hourglass Ch. 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
Sands of Time -  The Hourglass Ch. 2
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When we last saw our hot guys Jalil and Donato had decided to stay after at an elegant party with their hosts Valentino and Tomas. This turned out to be one hot, steamy after party. Now the stakes have been risen and there is a game to be played, one game, grab as much pleasure as possible before the sands of time run out in the hourglass. Jalil and Donato are in one room and Valentino and Tomas are in another, it is now time for the game and the sands to begin flowing. Donato and Tomas exit their rooms and enter the rooms of Valentino and Jalil. No time is wasted and both couples are on top of each other immediately in tandem 69 positions. The sands of time have run their course and it is now time to change partners again. Jalil and Donato are reunited as well as Valentino and Tomas. Tomas is thrilled to see his partner and dives right in and begins eating Valentino’s sweet ass. Jalil has the same idea and devours Donato’s awaiting hole. Both holes are almost identical, smooth, tight, wet, sweet and ready for a hot tongue fucking. Once again the hourglass has run its course, this time Jalil teams up with Valentino and Tomas with Donato. Since Donato and Valentino’s holes have been primed they are quick to sit on top of their perspective partners hot cocks and grind all the pleasure out of them that they can. Both men grind away hard and deep knowing full well that the sands of time are limiting their pleasure. The hourglass has dictated another change and this time Tomas and Jalil are paired up along with Donato and Valentino. Jalil spreads Tomas’ legs open and penetrates him deep and begins a hard pounding assault on his tight ass. Valentino takes Donato and slides his hard cock deep within Donato’s wet hole. Both couples fuck with fury and passion, pounding all the pleasure they can into their partners. Jalil feels the pulsating muscles in Tomas’ tight hole that draws his load to an explosion of cum all over Tomas, with his own hot load covering his abs. Valentino and Donato release their pent up loads in an eruption of hot, gooey cum everywhere. Are you ready to play our game?

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25 Dec 2016

The hour glass is a good thing to have to hand, as it concentrates the continuous erotic efforts of The Players, when swapping partners, and maintaining The Adrenalin. There was no need for a Metronome, as the frenzied pounding, at all times, was highly- charged, and very rhythmic indeed. It was all about "preparation, preparation, preparation", with certainly , no lack of erotic skills. I particularly liked the footwork masturbation manoeuvring, and there is nothing quite like Male multi-tasking, in the heat of the moment.....

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Sands Of Time