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Sands of Time - The Hourglass Ch. 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Sands of Time - The Hourglass Ch. 3
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When we last gazed upon our 2 hot couples they were in the middle of a game we like to call “PS – Partner Swap.” Now both couples have come together and exploring Valentino’s magnificent body. Tomas takes his lovers hot cock in his mouth as Jalil forces his throbbing cock into Valentino’s mouth. Donato spreads Valentino’s legs open and drives his cock all the way in as Valentino’s strains to accept his huge cock. Valentino and Donato position themselves on all 4s as Tomas fingers their perfect holes. Tomas then thrusts his hot cock into Donato as he sucks on Jalil’s hard cock. Valentino and Donato then face each other in order to enjoy some passionate kissing and some hard ass pounding from Jalil and Tomas. Jalil is taking advantage of Valentino’s perfect, tight pink hole as Tomas continues his invasion on Donato’s wet hole. Tomas and Jalil trade off and begin pounding away at their own partners well trained asses. Things get really interesting when Jalil gets down on all 4s as well and Tomas begins penetrating his hairy hole. Tomas then works his way down the line, fucking every hole in front of him. It’s a good day to Tomas! By the time Tomas reaches his lover, Valentino his cock cannot withstand the familiarity of that hot hole engulfing his cock and he quickly explodes his load all over his lovers ass. Tomas then reclines and one by one Jalil, Donato and Valentino all release their hot loads all over him. It truly is a good day to be Tomas! When was the last good party you were at?

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Sands Of Time