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Sands of Time - The Castaway Ch. 4

Kristen Bjorn Play
Sands of Time - The Castaway Ch. 4
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The gay orgy continues; hot couples after Robin and Abel had tracked down Adrian after finding one of his secret desires in a floating bottle. Robin spits on his hard cock to make it that much juicer for Adrian to suck on as Abel fucks him and as Brian fucks Abel. Abel loves this position fucking and begin fucked at the same time that he kicks it into overdrive and rides both cock and ass as hard as he can. Needing a piece of the group sex, Robin and Adrian switch up positions and Abel pounds away at Robin´s tight ass as Adrian swallows his hard cock. Abel has ridden Brian´s huge cock as hard and as far as he could until Brian had no choice but to blow his thick load all over Abel´s sweaty thighs. Feeling the hot load erupting from Brian´s huge mushroom head pushes Abel over the edge of ecstasy as he unleashes his creamy load all over Robin´s balls and ass. Adrian has the perfect viewing of this explosion and sends his load flying while still deep-throating Robin. Adrian then takes Robin to the point of no return as Robin´s gooey load flows across Adrian´s hungry lips and tongue. Set your desires and dreams free, you never know who may show up at your doorstep one day.

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13 Sep 2017

This video entailed sustained thrusting action, which was noticeably very well coordinated. Daisy chains like this are notoriously difficult to film, but this turned out to be brilliantly filmed, The gallery photos emphasized Team Work at its very best .... Brian McNight really gave the highly-excited group a frisson, seeing that he was the first to deliver his load of cum. I think that he is a particularly attractive young man, and certainly does have The Wow Factor !

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Sands Of Time