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Casting Couch #290: Tomas Friedel, Rado Zuska

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #290: Tomas Friedel, Rado Zuska
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Tomas Friedel and Rado Zuska have hooked up before and have arranged to meet again today. Unable to reach Tomas, Rado heads on over to his flat, letting himself in. Tomas is already excited when he sees that Rado has made himself comfortable. Rado wastes no time and immediately goes down on Tomas’ hard cock. Tomas takes full advantage of knowing Rado’s limits and fucks his face for both of their pleasure. After swapping expert oral pleasures Tomas mounts Rado’s cock and squats fully on top of his throbbing cock. The guys switch up as Tomas shags Rago from behind. Tomas rides him slowly until his ass has fully accepted his invasion. Once Rago has reached the point of pure pleasure, Tomas commences with a deep pounding. Rago strokes his hard cock in unison with Tomas’ thrusts until he erupts his hot, creamy load. Tomas continues thrusting away until he also erupts his wet load onto Rago’s thighs. It is good to have buddies that are very familiar to your wants and needs. Give your buddy a call today!

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