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Casting Couch #499: Gus Torres, Scott Carter

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Gus Torres steps onto the set and seduces us as he strips off his shirt and begins a provocative dance that pulls into his trance, what will Scott Carter do as he inducts Gus into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Scott enters the room, already stripped down and takes command of the situation and of Gus.

Scott lures Gus in with his sensual kisses then leads his hand down his furry torso until his hand lands on Scott’s throbbing cock. Stripping Gus of his Calvin’s, Scott bends him over and spreads his magnificently muscular ass, exposing the perfect, smooth, pink hole.

Drool is flowing from Scott’s mouth as he leans in and captures his first taste of Gus’ perfect ass. Gus’ eyes roll back into his head as he feels Scott’s strong tongue penetrate his youthful ass. As Scott overwhelms Gus with his expert ass eating skills, Gus spreads his legs open for Scott to have better access and Scott responds with a deeper more profound tongue fucking.

Scott flips around and slams his raw cock deep inside of Gus’ hungry ass. Gus moans out in a mixture of pleasure/pain and quickly adjusts to the pleasure that is filling his ass. Scott’s hairy balls are rubbing against Gus’ smooth thighs and with each thrust both men’s pleasure levels are skyrocketing.

Shifting positions, Scott takes Gus’s granite cock into his mouth and begins servicing his cock with his deep throat cock sucking expertise. Scott buries Gus’ cock deep into his mouth and throat, leaving only those smooth, heavy balls exposed. Looking down, Scott is enthralled when Gus takes over and he looks down to see that exquisite face that is devouring his cock.

Gus is hungry and so is his ass and makes the opportunity to squat his hungry hole onto Scott’s rock-hard cock. Starting out gently, Gus rides his ass up and down Scott’s amazing cock shaft, building to a more powerful fucking. Gyrating up and down Scott’s cock, Gus fucks in unison with Scott then Scott takes over and power fucks his hot ass.

Another flip and this time Gus is on his back and Scott is coming in from on top. The view in this position is both mesmerizing and intoxicating as Scott’s cock is in full view as it rides Gus’ perfect ass deeper and deeper. Gus’ perfect ass has captivated Scott and draws him in and takes him to the point of no return. Scott explodes his thick load of cum all over Gus’ taint before scooping up his load and shoving cock and cum inside of Gus’ ass. Scott fingers Gus’ ass until he shoots his equally heavy load of cum. The expert has brought his disciple to a new level of awareness. Who is next to fuck with Gus?

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02 Nov 2023

Wow, Wow, Wow! I don't know how you do it, but you keep finding the hottest men on the planet and you have been doing this forever. OMG, I could look at Gus 24/7/365 and never get enough. That ass of his is is what dreams are made of and jack off sessions, many now! Please tell me you will be showing much more of him. It was great to see him paired with such a manly man, Scott. When Scott's full beard was sucking on Gus' cock, all you could see was dark furry beard and smooth, big balls. Must see!

03 Nov 2023

OMG! Gus is hot as fuck! Give us more of him, please!

Father Marc
03 Nov 2023

GUS GUS GUS!!! More Gus PLEASE!!!! Stunning and hotter than FUCK!!!!

03 Nov 2023

Amazing casting WOOW! Gus Torres is the perfection come true!

04 Nov 2023

Wow, Wow, Wow!

21 Nov 2023

DAMN! Scott Carter has gotten even more sexy! More, please!!!

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