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First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 2
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Robin and David are enjoying a day of pleasures and firsts. David has revealed to Robin that he loves being a bottom but has been curious about fucking another guy lately. Robin suggest that they flip each other, this way David gets the pleasure of being fucked and the new experience of fucking his hot, tight hole. Robin begins by sucking on David’s hard cock and then they flip and David sucks on Robin’s cock. Robin is enjoying David’s expert sucking that he takes control and begins fucking David’s mouth with his straining cock. David then mounts Robin’s throbbing cock and engulfs its full length deep inside of his ass. It is now time for David to take control and he fucks his ass deep and hard with Robin’s cock. David loves the sensation of a hard cock throbbing in his ass that he rides Robin that much harder until he erupts his creamy load all over his balls. Robin then opens up his tight hole for David to experience and enjoy. David rides Robin with a smooth rhythm that builds as Robin oozes gobs of precum. David continues fucking away at Robin as he unleashes his thick milky load onto his thick muscular thigh. Do you remember the first time you penetrated another and then flipped and gave up your ass for them as well?

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amadeo rabat
26 Aug 2013

tres bien videos je les adorent toutes bien fait excelent bravo kris kissssssss...

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First Time 2