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First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 8

Kristen Bjorn Play
First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 8
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As you may recall Donato received an invitation to an opulent restaurant for an elegant afternoon of champagne and caviar. Of course Donato did not read the fine print and is now paying with the only thing that he has; his ass. Donato has been ushered into another room where Aymeric sits down and takes Donato’s cock into his hungry mouth, while Sergio takes his ass from behind and Maikel feeds him his hard cock. Donato turns and demands that Sergio fuck him harder and Sergio delivers with his fat cock feeding that hungry hole. Overwhelmed with the pleasures taking place deep within his ass, his cock being sucked and a huge cock to suck on, Donato is left with the great pleasure of feeding his creamy load into Aymeric’s awaiting mouth. As much as Aymeric loves a load of cum he also loves to have his ass pleasured. He has decided that Donato has had enough of all the attention and decides to take it all at once. Aymeric sits down on both Maikel and Sergio’s huge cocks at the same time. Donato lines them up and Aymeric descends upon the mass that will bring him utter joy. With Maikel and Sergio scissored together Aymeric has the full length of their cocks to ride. After riding their cocks and bringing them both to the edge, Aymeric wishes to taste the salty treasure awaiting to be released by these two huge cocks. Aymeric goes back and forth from one huge cock to the other, tasting the juices of a hot double fuck. Maikel is the first to release his hot load all over Aymeric’s tongue, while Sergio’s cock is impatiently waiting until Aymeric’s mouth sucks out his hot and creamy load. With his mouth and tongue drenched in cum Aymeric unleashes his load directly at you. Not all restaurant staff are this accommodating, unfortunately.

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