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First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 4

Kristen Bjorn Play
First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 4
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Donato receives a text offering him a once in a lifetime offer of free Dom Perigon champagne and Beluga caviar at the renowned restaurant Versailles. Not one to pass up such an offer Donato sets off for an amazing experience. Donato enjoys his lavish treat until he is presented with the bill for 250€. As with all good things you must read the fine print. Donato has no money to pay for this treat but the waiters have an idea of how to get the money out of him, “what’s not paid in cash is paid in flesh.” The other waiters come out and Donato starts to suck on Maikel’s huge cock. Not a bad way to top off champagne and caviar if you ask me. Maikel fucks away at Donato’s still hungry mouth before the other waiters take him to the sofa. Donato is then fucked by Maikel hard and deep. Maikel pounds away at Donato until he shoots his hot load of Dom Perigon quickly followed by Maikel’s hot creamy load all over Donato’s balls. How long is the wait time for a reservation at this restaurant, sign me up!

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07 Aug 2013

Very hot

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First Time 2