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Casting Couch #294: Sergio Serrano, Nacho Valente

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #294: Sergio Serrano, Nacho Valente
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Nacho Valente has been out jogging and stops for a break and decides to smoke a joint. While enjoying his high Sergio Serrano walks by and peeks Nacho’s interest. Nacho imagines Sergio naked and pleasuring himself as he looks on. Both men stroke their fat cocks as they look on in admiration of the other. Nacho drops to his knees and begins sucking on Sergio’s fat mushroom head. Sergio’s cock is rock hard and super sized, Nacho does everything within his power to chock down this huge cock. Straining for attention as well, Sergio pleasures Nacho’s massive cock with his expert oral skills. After some time of gratify face fucking, Sergio flips Sergio over and begins his assault on Sergio’s tight ass from behind. Sergio continues to stroke his huge cock as Nacho fucks him deep and hard. As the rhythm begins to build Sergio flips over onto his back and Nacho glides deep within once again. Pumping Sergio’s ass with his fat cock, Nacho’s balls are smacking against Sergio’s ass as they grow heavy with the weight of all the cum building up inside of him. Sergio encourages Nacho to continue with the pounding rhythm until he explodes his huge load all over his ripped abs. Nacho is so turned on watching all the pleasure he has given Sergio that he quickly unleashes his creamy load onto Sergio’s balls and cock. A little high can lead to a hot fantasy, turn your fantasy into reality!

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16 Apr 2024

Nacho Valente is amazing. I didn't know him. It's great to discover this great actor here. One of the best actors I've ever seen. Very handsome.

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