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Headhunting - Chapter 2

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When we last saw Joe he was assisting his partner with some interviewees. Joe has maintained a beautiful estate for the past 10 years. Now he is eager to switch things up. Earlier that day Joe takes his lover, Geoffrey breakfast while he is in the tub, but it is not the food that gets eaten. Geoffrey starts out by deep throating his lover’s uncut cock, running his tongue up and down the rigid shaft and swirling his tongue around his balls. With Joe’s cock fully aroused and glistening with saliva, Geoffrey stands up in the tub and feeds his ample cock down Joe’s throat. Joe works over Geoffrey’s huge cock while being encouraged to service his cock. Geoffrey’s cock is nice and meaty so he helps Joe out by spitting on his own cock. Joe continues to be encouraged by Geoffrey’s commands then tells Geoffrey that he wants to eat his ass. Geoffrey bends over and spreads his pink hole for Joe’s hungry tongue. Raw papi Joe then thrusts his full shaft up Geoffrey’s wet hole, while Geoffrey continues with his commands for more cock and harder pounding. Joe pulls his cock out and rams it back in repeatedly as Geoffrey demands for more. Joe slams Geoffrey’s ass until he can no longer resist the pleasures and shoots his huge load all over Geoffrey’s ass before unloading the last drops in his ass. Joe is ready to flip with Geoffrey so Geoffrey sits on the edge of the tub and Joe mounts his cock and goes for a wild ride that pushes Geoffrey over the edge of pleasure. Geoffrey releases his huge load that shoots all the way to the heavens, but saves the last gusher for deposit deep in Joe’s ass. I think the switching up has begun

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